Birding & Wildlife

The holiday lodge is at the centre of one of Ethiopia’s most interesting natural areas, surrounded by national parks and lakes with a diverse range of wildlife, much of it endemic. We have expert guides on hand to help you discover the local flora and fauna.

Ethiopia is famed for its endemic bird species, and the birding here is some of the best in the world. It’s common to see fish eagles enjoying their catch from the lodge. Given the lodges proximity to woodland, water and plains there’s an incredible diversity of birds on our doorstep. Our English speaking guides will help you spot and identify the numerous species you’ll encounter.Please click here to view our bird species list, put together by our tour guide and bird enthusiast, Hakim.

There's also plenty of wild animals you can encounter without even leaving the lodge. On the shorefront of the lodge is a lagoon that the local hippo population love. You can enjoy a sundowner as you watch them climb out of the water to graze.

While you’ll be able to spot some of the local wildlife from the luxury of the lodge, a short walk into the surrounding bush will allow you to really discover the local environment. And if you have more time to spare we can take you to some of the incredible national parks in this part of Ethiopia such as the Bale Mountains National Park.

Our expert guides and trackers have grown up locally, surrounded by nature, and love nothing more than to help share their love of the local wildlife with you. There’s an excellent chance of spotting hippo, dik diks, hyenas, baboons, anteaters and colobus monkeys. 

Activities availableUSD
Trekking/walking with a guide $15 per hour
Bird Watching with a guide $20 per hour

Contact us to find out about our current availability, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.